Our Mission

Our Mission – BuildItDowntownTampa.org was formed by a group of dedicated Tampa Bay Ray’s fans that believe the best place to build a new stadium, in terms of the Team’s interest and the interest of the Tampa Bay Region, is in Downtown Tampa.

This is a once in a generation opportunity for the Ray’s fan base to finally come together and prove that we want this team in the region forever.

We need Ray’s fans, downtown residents and stakeholders (i.e. restaurant, bar, and other business owners), all residents and interested parties throughout Tampa and Hillsborough County to contact us and let us know of your support!

This movement will only take hold and become a reality if we hear from you. You have to be involved.

Over the coming months, BuildItDowntownTampa.org will prove the case that Downtown Tampa is the best location for a new stadium.

We will accomplish this goal through coalition building, fact gathering and polling.

If you have a service, interest, or just want to be part of the movement please contact us at info@BuildItDowntownTampa.org.